Visual View Left Toolbar & Drawing Modes

Most objects such as Zones, Windows, Doors and many others are created using Hero's Drawing Modes.


These Drawing Modes are accessed on the Visual View's Left Toolbar. They include:

Free Drawing Mode or Default mode

Ceiling Fan & Penetrations Drawing Mode

Zone Drawing Mode

Floating Wall Drawing Mode

Opening Drawing Mode (Windows, Door & Permanent Openings)

Split & Merge Drawing Mode

Skylight & Hole Drawing Mode


Import & Scale Backgrounds

Screen & Eave Drawing Modes for Screens (Vertical Shading Objects) & Eaves (Horizontal Shading Objects)

Attach Screen or Eave (discussed in Screen & Eave Drawing Modes)

Measure Drawing Mode


Set Project Orientation (discussed in Visual View Top Toolbar)



To enter the desired Drawing-Mode 🖱 Click the relevant button or use its ⌨ keyboard shortcut.

You can find an explanation of each Drawing-Mode by hovering over the button and waiting for the Tooltip to show which will also show the keyboard shortcut.

Entering into a Drawing Mode will exit out of Free Drawing Mode such that normal selection & dragging of objects is disabled.

Most drawing modes share similar controls  & functionality.

To exit any drawing mode and return to Free Drawing Mode, hit the ⌨ Escape key, or 🖱 Right-Click to reset each step until the drawing mode is exited.

Drawing Modes that create shapes such as Line, Rectangles & Polygons will share several features including:

  • 🖱 Left-Click to place points of the object

  • 🖱 Double Left-Click typically completing polygon shape (or clicking back at the origin)

  • 🖱 Right-Click will reset backward one step in object creation, removing the previous point. If no object remains, the next 🖱 Right-Click will exit the drawing mode

You can enter Manual Dimensions when drawing most objects. Type the desired dimension in millimetres and hit ⌨ Enter to commit the value.

Holding ⌨ Shift while drawing line or polygon shapes will typically lock the direction of the current line to a straight vertical or horizontal direction.

Most Drawing-Modes have several Sub-Modes that allow you to create the object in different ways, for example, Skylights, can be created as Rectangles, or Line by Line for polygon-shaped skylights, or as a Circular shape.

These sub-modes are changed by clicking the Sub-Mode Button in the Drawing Mode guide-box, or by using the ⌨ Tilde [`] keyboard shortcut which is above the ⌨ Tab key on most standard keyboards.


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