Import & Scale Backgrounds

Background Images for the Current Level can be created using the Import Background function, accessed on the Left Toolbar, or using the keyboard shortcut ⌨ B.

Alternatively, you can access the same functionality by :three_button_mouse: Right-Clicking the Visual View and selecting Background ImageLoad New Background. A File Choose dialog will appear which will you to select supported files which include PDFs, and the most common image formats.

Background Images can also be imported directly off the Windows Clipboard. Copy the content to the clipboard, and then right-click the visual view and select Background ImagePaste Background from Clipboard.

If the selected background file is a PDF with multiple pages, Hero will prompt you to select the page you would like to import.





Once an image has been selected, Hero will prompt you to Scale the Background.

Scale the image by choosing the Page Size such as A1, A3, A4 and the Scale Ratio of the plans. Hero will automatically detect the Page Size for imported PDFs, and suggest a common Scale Ratio. Change the Scale Ratio to that of your plans and select OK. The Background will be imported with a perfect scale. The newly created Background will be in Edit mode which allows you to move it or resize it as required.

Please note that the Scale Ratio on the Plans may not relate to the actual printed PDF Page Size and you may need to enter a different scale.


If you have a Background Drawing that has no readily identifiable Page Size or Scale Ratio on the Plans, you can either enter Edit mode of the imported Background Image and resize using the resize anchors, or you can use the Scale Drawing Mode after Background import which will allow you to draw the scale based on the Image. Press the Scale by Drawing button to enter Scale Drawing Mode.

You then draw a length on the plan by 🖱 Left-Clicking two points and then enter the actual length this dimension represents in millimetres. The Background will then be re-scaled to match the entered dimension.

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