Floating Wall Drawing Mode

To Draw a special Floating Wall including Split or Overhead or Floating or Internal Thermal Mass Walls you use the New Wall button in the Left Toolbar or the keyboard shortcut ⌨ N

Floating Walls need to begin within their parent Zone, where they finish is not important. Regardless of where they are moved to, a Special Wall always remains a part of the original parent Zone.

The first 🖱 Left-Click will be the left edge of the Wall considering the wall facing outwards

The second 🖱 Left-Click finishes the Wall.

Hold ⌨ Shift for straight lines

🖱 Right-Click to reset points, or enter Manual Wall length by typing, as per the other Drawing Modes.

Floating Wall Parent Zone

Floating Walls need to be started & created within the Parent Zone that they are to be modelled within. The first 🖱 Left-Click when drawing a Floating Wall determines the final Parent Zone. The Floating Wall remains fixed to the original Parent Zone and will not change if the Floating Wall is moved outside of that Zone.

Remember, you can determine the Parent Zone of a Wall using the Group By toggle buttons in the Wall Data-Grid.

Floating Wall Direction

Remember Floating Walls are drawn from Left to Right in a facing outwards direction (i.e. to the exterior). A Floating Wall with an External Adjacency requires the correct Orientation for accurate modelling. You can check the Orientation of a Floating Wall with the Orientation Column of the Wall Data-Grid.

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