Screen & Eave Drawing Modes

Screens & Eaves are created using the Screen or Eave Drawing-Mode buttons on the Left Toolbar or using the keyboard shortcuts ⌨ S & ⌨ E respectively.


Screens & Eaves are drawn as Lines on the plan by 🖱 Left-Clicking each edge.

You can hold ⌨ Shift while drawing to keep the Line straight, enter Manual Dimensions in millimetres, and hit the ⌨ Enter key if desired.

🖱 Right-Click to remove points and 🖱 Right-Click again to exit the Drawing-Mode.

You can also create Screens and Eaves with existing attachment Connections to the desired walls by pre-selecting the walls before entering Screen or Eave drawing mode. When the screen or eave is completed, the walls will have automatically connected themselves to the newly created object.


Screens and Eaves must be Manually Attached/Connected to Walls by the User for those shading objects to be accounted for in Simulations.

The Attached Screens or Eaves show a Connection Line from the centre of the shading object to each connected Wall.

A Parallel Line is also shown which represents the Chenath true modelled screen dimensions.



To Attach a Screen or Eave to a Wall after the Screen or Eave has been created, you  use the Attach Drawing-Mode, accessed on the Left Toolbar or via keyboard shortcut ⌨ A. There are several scenarios that Attach Drawing-Mode works within:

  1. If no Screens, Eaves or Walls are Pre-Selected, the Attach Drawing-Mode begins with the user needing to 🖱 Left-Click the Wall or Screen or Eave they would like to connect & then 🖱 Left-Click the 2nd object to complete the Connection.

  2. If any Eaves, Screens or Walls are Pre-Selected prior to entering attach mode, then these objects begin in attach mode with their initial connection lines, just requiring the final 🖱 Left-Click to Connect to the desired object.

  3. Alternatively, if Eaves, Screens and Walls are all Pre-Selected prior to entering Attach Drawing-Mode when the Attach Mode button or keyboard shortcut is pressed, all selected Eaves & Screens will Connect to all selected Walls.

  4. You can 🖱 Right-Click on a Wall or Screen and select the Context Menu Action Connect to Wall / Screen which will enter Attach Drawing-Mode for the Selected Object.

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