Menu Bar

The Menu Bar holds system actions such as creating new, saving & opening projects as well as holding some Edit, View & Help functions.

The File Menu holds Project actions including:

  • Create New Project: Creates a blank project ⌨ Ctrl + N

  • Save Project: Saves the project to the current save file (or performs Save As if no current file) ⌨ Ctrl + S

  • Save As Project: Saves the project to a new save file ⌨ Ctrl + Shift + S

  • Open Project: Loads a project chosen by the user in the file chooser dialog ⌨ Ctrl + O

  • Open Recent Project: Loads a recently saved/loaded project from the Recent Projects list

  • Open Recent Autosave: Loads a autosave from the Autosave list.

  • Open Project Folder in Explorer: Open Windows Explorer to the current project save file location (disabled in no current save file) ⌨ Ctrl + E

  • Open User Folder in Explorer: Opens Window Explorer to the Hero User Directory (simulation, log & library directory) ⌨ Ctrl + Shift + E

  • Exit Program: Quits Hero ⌨ Ctrl + W

As well as showing their keyboard shortcuts.

The Edit Menu currently only allows you to delete any selected items in the Visual or Data-Grid views similar to using the Keyboard Shortcut Delete.

The View Menu holds various ways to toggle the Model View such as Showing/Hiding the Data-Grid View & Library, as well as their keyboard shortcuts.

The Help Menu will take you to the Help Section of the Hero Web Portal.

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