Measure Drawing Mode

Hero contains a Measure Utility Mode that enables users to quickly check Measurements, Perimeters & Areas on the model

Enter Measure Mode by clicking the Measure button on the Left Toolbar or the ⌨ Q keyboard shortcut.


Measure mode has three Sub-Modes:

  1. Length

  2. Perimeter

  3. Area

Which can be toggled in the Guide box or by using the keyboard shortcut ⌨ Tilde [`]

The Length Sub-Mode will show the dimensions of a line drawn by 🖱 Left-Clicking on the plan.

The Perimeter Sub-Mode will show the length of a polyline such that you can trace a perimeter around a building or zone as required. 🖱 Left-Click back on the original or 🖱 Double Left-Click to finish the measurement.

Finally, the Area Sub-Mode will area in square meters of the drawn polygon. Draw the polygon out similar to the Perimeter Sub-Mode.

For all these Sub-Modes, 🖱 Right-Click removes points & holding ⌨ Shift draws straight lines as in the other drawing modes.

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