Model View

The Model View holds all views related to Model creation & editing, including the 3 primary model views:

By default only 2 of these primary views are visible at the same time and users are encouraged to toggle visual states to focus on the task you're working on.

The size of each view can be adjusted with the dividers and these settings are saved as the preferred position.

The Visibility of views can be adjusted through several means, including the use of the Docking bar which indicates the current shown views, and which can toggle which primary view to show.

All primary views also contain system controls that allow users to minimise, restore & maximise each separate view.

One of the most efficient ways to toggle views is to use the Keyboard Shortcuts.

To toggle the Data-Grid's visibility, use the ⌨ Space-bar.

To toggle the Construction Library visibility, use the ⌨ C key.

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