Ceiling Fan & Penetrations Drawing Mode

Ceiling-Fans & Ceiling Penetrations such as Exhaust Fans, Downlights & Chimneys can be created in the Visual View using the Ceiling Fan, Exhaust Fan & Downlight Drawing-Modes, with associated keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌨ F for Ceilings Fans

  • ⌨ X for Exhaust Fans, and

  • ⌨ L for Downlights.

You can toggle between the type of Zone-Item to create using the Change Type button in the guide box or the ⌨ Tilde [`] keyboard shortcut. You will notice that uncommon penetrations such as Chimney or the generic "Other Penetration" object will be shown as you cycle through the Sub-Modes, even though these objects do not have an associated Left Toolbar button or keyboard shortcut.

Place the Fans or Penetration in their desired location by 🖱 Left-Clicking.

Exit the Drawing Mode by 🖱 Right-Clicking or using the ⌨ Escape key.

Always place Ceiling Penetrations in their actual locations. This means that any loss of Ceiling Insulation caused by the Penetration is attributed to the correct Ceiling in the Chenath model


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