Skylight & Hole Drawing Mode

Skylights & Holes are created in a similar way in the Visual View using the Skylight & Hole Drawing modes respectively.

Click the Draw Skylight or Draw Hole buttons to enter the require drawing mode or use the keyboard shortcuts ⌨ K for Skylights, and ⌨ H for holes.

Holes are always drawn on the parent Floor of the Zone that they penetrate.

You can draw Holes & Skylights in Rectangular or Polygon line by line Sub-Modes, and for Skylights, you can additionally draw in Circular Sub-Mode too.

Skylights & Holes are drawn similar to Zones, using the same 🖱 Left-Click & 🖱 Right-Click features, Manual Dimensions & ⌨ Shift key straight line features. Please refer to the Visual View Left Toolbar & Drawing Modes and Zone Drawing Mode tutorial videos for a refresher on these functions.

When drawing Skylights in Circular Sub-Mode, the first 🖱 Left-Click should be made at the centre of the circular Skylight, and then move the 🖱out towards the edge of the Skylight. When entering manual dimensions during this Sub-Mode, the dimensions entered should be the radius of the Skylight.

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