Split & Merge Drawing Mode

The Split Drawing Mode allows Floors & Ceilings, Walls & Openings to be easily Split into additional copies. Enter Split Drawing Mode by clicking the Split button on the left toolbar or using the keyboard shortcut ⌨ T

Splitting Openings

To Split an Opening hover over the Opening you would like to Split and 🖱 Left-Click at the desired location. The 🖱 Cursor will Snap to some standard fractions such as 1/3 & 1/2 to allow more accurate Splits. You can also type in the desired width and hit enter to Split at specific widths.

Splitting Walls

Walls can be similarly split by hovering over the target Wall and 🖱 Left-clicking.

Splitting Floors & Ceilings

Split Drawing Mode has 3 Sub-Modes that are only of relevance when splitting Floors or Ceilings. They are:

  1. Split both Floors & Ceilings,

  2. Split Floors only, and

  3. Split Ceilings only.

Toggle through the Sub-Modes by pressing the Sub-Mode button in the guide box or using the ⌨ Tilde [`] keyboard shortcut.

Floors & Ceilings can be Split either Edge-to-Edge or Internally.

To Split from Edge to Edge, hover the 🖱 cursor near an internal edge of a Floor or Ceiling until the edge is highlighted.

🖱 Left-Click the desired starting point of the Split and then draw the Split line continuously until you reach another edge of the Floor or Ceiling.

🖱 Right-Click to remove previous points and hold ⌨ Shift to draw straight lines as in other Drawing Modes.

You can currently only Split one Floor or Ceiling at a time, so the Split shape must remain within a single Floor/Ceiling to complete, otherwise, you will be prompted with an Error message in the Status Bar.

To Split a polygon internally, the first point clicked must be away from a Floor or Ceiling edge. Trace the Split shape for edge-splits and 🖱 Double Left-Click to finish completing the shape or 🖱 Click back at the Origin to complete the Split.


You can also perform a Merge of Walls, Floors & Ceiling which combines objects back into a single object. Mergeable objects currently include Walls, Floors & Ceilings.

To perform a Merge, you must Pre-Select the objects you would like to merge.

Select two or more Mergeable Objects and hit the Merge button on the Left Toolbar or the ⌨ M keyboard shortcut.

If you do not select Mergeable Objects, for example, Floors that do not share points, an Error message will be shown in the status bar.

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