Visual View

The Visual View is where much of the geometry creation,  drawing & adjustment takes place during Model creation.


You can move around the Visual View using 🖱 Scroll-Wheel to zoom in & out of the Project.

You can pan across the Project by holding the 🖱 Middle-Click and 🖱 Dragging.

You can also use the view’s scroll bars to position yourself within the Project.

There are various other view actions available such as the Fit to Plan button in the Visual View Top Toolbar and Zoom To Button in the Data Grid View.


Items are selected in the Visual View by 🖱 Left-Click. The item you are about to select will typically highlight itself so you know which object you are about to select.

Note you must exit any current Drawing-Modes to be able to select an object. You can do this by hitting the ⌨ Escape Key or selecting Free Select Mode on the Visual View Left Toolbar & Drawing Modes.

Multiple items can be selected by holding the ⌨ Control or ⌨ Shift keys while clicking with the 🖱 Left-Click, likewise items can be unselected using the same approach.

The ⌨ Escape Key or 🖱 Left-Click into blank space will clear the selected items.

Drag Select

Multiple items can also be selected using the Drag-Select function while holding down the 🖱 Left-Click.

Items can be Drag-Selected in two different directions, from the Top Left to Bottom Right will select all items that the Drag-Select rectangle comes in contact with, whereas a Drag-Select from the bottom right up to the top left will only select items that get completely encompassed by the Drag-Select rectangle.

Items that get selected in the Visual View typically also get selected in the Data-Grid & vice-versa.

Select Parent

Some additional selection features also include the ability to Select a Parent of the selected object (such as the Parent Zone of a Floor or Wall, or the Parent Wall of a Door or Window).

Selecting a Parent object can be done within the Visual View by 🖱 Double Left-Click the child object, or by 🖱 Right-Click to get the Context Menu and choose Select Parent.

Background Images are selected differently from all other objects by 🖱 Double Left-Click them or 🖱 Right-Click context-menu

View Order & Send to Back

If you are having trouble selecting an object, such as where two objects overlap or are on top of each other, you can use the Send to Back action to change the visual order of the items in view.

🖱 Right-Click an object and select Send to Back and then click the top object which has now been brought to the front of the view. This is particularly useful for overlapping Windows & Doors.


Deleting an object in the Visual View can be done either by the ⌨ Delete keyboard shortcut which will delete all selected items, or via the💻 Edit MenuDelete action, or via a 🖱 Right-Click Context-Menu Delete action on an object.

Some objects cannot be deleted, such as Floors or Ceilings, which can only be Merged back together

Deleting Zones within the Visual View

To delete a Zone, the best method to do this within the Visual View is to Select the Parent Zone by 🖱 Double-Clicking a zone’s child object (such as a floor or ceiling), and then hitting the ⌨ Delete key, rather than Drag-Selecting all the child objects and attempting to delete those, which generally will not result in the Zone being deleted.


Many objects within the Visual View can be manipulated & moved. This typically requires the object to be Selected first, and then subsequent move actions will occur. The only object that does not require selection prior to a move are the Wall, Floor, Ceiling anchor points which can be moved directly.

Most objects can be moved in a straight Horizontal or Vertical direction by holding the ⌨ Shift key during the move.


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