Installing Hero

This article provides some assistance with possible installation issues with Hero’s desktop application.

To install Hero please visit the Download page at the Hero web portal. You must have a registered user account to be able to download the tool.


Windows “This app cannot run on your PC” Messages

If you are having issues running the Hero Windows installer, please try the following possible solutions:

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the correct installer for your operating-system: Downloading Hero

  2. Ensure you have saved the Hero Installer file to an appropriate folder on your device that allows applications to be run & installed from within. Many “temporary” folders that browsers use to download & run files from the internet do not have the appropriate permissions to install .exe files. Try saving the installer file to a “Downloads” or “Documents” or similar normal folder on your device before attempting to run the installer again.

  3. It is recommend to not install Hero into a User directory as these folders generally have restricted permissions to run on most machines. If you encounter difficulties after installing to a user directory (e.g. "C:/users/myName/hero") then try reinstalling Hero to your Program Files directory and see if this resolves your issue).

  4. Ensure you are either logged onto Windows as the Administrator account or install Hero using administrator rights by right-clicking the Hero installer file and choosing “Run as administrator”

  5. Ensure you have given Hero permission on a Windows firewall, without which many cloud based functionalities will be prevented from running successfully which may cause issues.


Mac Installation Issues:

For information on running Hero on Mac please see:


Still having issues?

We’re sorry to hear that but we’re here to help!

Contact one of Hero’s support staff by raising a ticket at the Hero support desk and describe your issue.

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