Hero for Mac OS

Hero is currently the only NatHERS accredited software to natively run on a Mac OS.

This means you don't need to set up a Windows Virtual Machine on your Mac to install and run Hero which takes us a huge amount of disk space, impairs system performance and generally requires a Windows license (I mean why did you buy a Mac if you just have to run Windows!)

You can download the Hero dmg installers for your particular Mac instance (Intel or M1/M2 Mac Silicon variations) at the Hero website and install it as per other Mac applications.

This means Hero can run side by side with all your favourite Mac applications and workflows, and operate using the full capabilities of your machine.


Hero Cloud Simulations

Hero Mac relies on Hero's unique cloud simulation capabilities that allows you to run your simulations on our cloud servers, as the Chenath engine cannot be run locally on a Mac. Hero desktop uploads your project to our backend servers to run the simulation, and then sends you back the results.

You must therefore have internet access to run simulations on a Mac and be signed in to access these capabilities, however when in offline mode you are still able to edit and model projects as normal. 


Hero Installers

Hero distribute two types of installers for Mac, an Intel distribution and a Mac Silicon (i.e. M1, M2 etc) distribution for more recent Mac machines. You can find out what type of Mac CPU your machine has by clicking the "About this Mac" in the top left corner of most machines or for further information please see: Identify your Mac.


Starting up Hero on Mac

On the first installation of Hero on a Mac (this may not occur on older Macs) you will likely be prompted to approve the ability of Hero to open other applications.

This will allow Hero to open it's internal browser that allows Hero to display web-pages such as the support page directly in the app.

You may also be prompted to approve Hero access to the internet which is required to sign-in and connect to cloud simulations and which is required for Mac use.


Hero Mac Feedback

Much of the development and testing of Hero has been undertaken using Windows, and so we are always looking for feedback on any issues encountered when using Hero Mac, so we really encourage Hero Mac users to assist us to improve our Mac releases by providing any feedback or issues you encounter to us on this product at support@hero-software.com.au 


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