Training File Comparer

The Training File comparer is a very useful utility tool that helps students and new users get instant feedback on their Hero-101 projects (and in future other Hero training courses) from inside the application without requiring submission to our Support Desk.

The tools allows users to see where their project (called the Comparison Project) differ from the Reference Project file and correct their model and build their understanding of Hero modelling.

The tool is simple and you just run your comparison of your current file to the Hero-101 reference file, correct any unmatched zones and then review the list of differences. You can then fix up any differences and then re-run the comparison until you have perfected your project.

1 - Run Comparison button

You can re-run a comparison of your file against the reference file by clicking the Run Comparison button

2 - Comparison Project selection

Select "Current" to compare the currently loaded Hero project, or click "Select file" to select a specific Hero file located on your PC that will function as the file we compare against.

3 - Comparison Type

Currently the only project type for comparison is the Hero-101 Training course project but other projects will be added here in future.

4 - Zone Match table

The Zone Match table should be reviewed to ensure that the names of Zones and Zone-Type between the Reference and Comparison Project are identical, otherwise the comparison will not be complete.

5 - Comparison Zone column

This column is where you can change and correct any incorrectly automatically matched zones with different names. Zone matching can fail if zones of similar names are present (e.g. we may struggle to identify which Bath is which if you name it "Bath" and "Main Bath".

6 - Project Comparison

This section lists the differences between the Reference and Comparison projects. Each difference in listed per section. Review each of the rows of the Project Comparison table and correct your model and then re-run the comparison.

7 - Show Differences option

You can show not only the differences but the correctly matched aspects by turning off this option.

8 - Show Unmatched option

You can show missing matches by turning on this option

9 - Export button

You can export the differences table to CSV or clipboard using the Export button for your own reports.

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