Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions that may assist you in using Hero energy-rating software:

If you do not find what you are seeking below then, please contact your AAO, or visit their help sections such as Design Matters TPA FAQ , HERA Knowledge Hub , ASBA/BDAA Notes



Q: I completed the training course some time ago and now I have uploaded a project and Hero is telling me I am unaccredited, what is going on?

A: Hero's training course is dynamic and requires NatHERS Accredited Assessors to continue to remain "up to date" with their training to produce new certificates.

If you have completed the course previously and the untrained or unaccredited alert message is now being shown at certification, then go to the Training Portal and go into the Hero-101 course and look through the training modules and make sure you haven't missed one. New updates are always easy to complete but are to ensure that assessors know new functionality and continue to use the tool correctly and efficiently.

Note that the training portal considers you to have "completed" the Hero-101 training course even if there are still modules left to do, so you must click into the Hero-101 course to see any incomplete modules (so that your AAOs know you have completed it once which is all they care about).



Q: Is Hero accredited for use by NatHERS?

A: Yes, Hero has been approved for use within the NatHERS Scheme for Class 1a, 2 & 4 Building classifications for new & existing buildings. Please see the list of accredited software tools at the NatHERS government web-site


Q: What calculation engine does Hero use?

A: Hero uses CSIRO’s Chenath engine, has a license from CSIRO to use this within our platform, and pays royalties to CSIRO for the purchase of NatHERS certificates on our platform. You can find more details about on our Resources page


Q: Is Hero accredited for use with BASIX in NSW?

A: Yes, Hero has been approved by the BASIX administration for use in NSW. For further details see:

We also have integrated the BASIX heating & cooling load limits so you can easily see current project compliance within Hero.


Q: Is Hero accredited for use in ACT?

A: Yes, Hero has been approved in the latest update of the ACT building regulations where the previous dedicated prescribed software versions have been replaced by the use of any NatHERS Accredited Software package. For more information see: 


Modelling & Assessments:

Q: Can Hero model Internal Surface Solar Absorptance / Colours?

A: Yes these can be changed for floors, walls in the Data-Grid and Summary-View, however they are hidden by default so must be turned by clicking the overflow buttons in the far-right header of the tables to turn on.


Q: Can Hero model Green Roofs?

A: Yes, the Hero ceiling assembly list includes some Green Roof options however these are based on the use of the standard Soil material from the Chenath Materials library which has a relatively high thermal conductivity. Upcoming changes to the NatHERS materials database will include some green roof soil materials that we will integrate into our green roof assemblies.


Q: What material should I use to model Hempcrete?

A: Hempcrete is not a material available in the NatHERS Material Library and therefore can only be modelled by proxying it with a similar material type. This will depend on the specific Hempcrete R-value, thickness, density and specific-heat (thermal mass) which can vary per product (density and specific-heat can be optionally added to the Wall Assembly Table columns). Several materials that are similar are "Carpet with Rubber Underlay" that matches Hempcrete well in terms of insulation density and thermal-mass, though softboard, strawbale, and AAC are somewhat close.



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