Computer Specification Recommendations

To run Hero effectively on your computer across most typical projects including single & multi-residential, some typical performance specifications are suggested below.

Note a 'light' or casual user using Hero occasionally or just for single dwelling projects are unlikely to require such performance levels and should find completely acceptable performance for computers below the suggested specifications. The most intensive uses of Hero include large multi-dwelling projects, and large or high quality PDF imports. Likewise we continue to focus on improving performance of the software and optimising our code-base such that lower specification machines can perform better.


Suggested Performance Specifications:


 - Latest generation CPUs recommended

 - Multicore  (4-core minimum recommended, 8-core+ better)


 - 8gb minimum recommended

 - 16gb+ preferred (particularly for large multi-residential projects or using many applications simultaneously)

Video Card:

 - Dedicated 2-4gb+ graphics card recommended (preferred over onboard graphics cards)


 - Dual monitor or single large monitor recommended to enable multiple views of Hero visible simultaneously, along with supporting applications such as PDFs, CAD or office suite applications to be open and visible.

Software Settings:

 - Windows scaling 100% recommended





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