Downloading Hero

You must have a registered & activated Hero User Account prior to being able to Download Hero.
See Registering a User Account for more details

  1. Log in to the Hero Web Portal

  2. Navigate to the Download / Get Hero Page

  3. Select the required Installer for your operating system

  4. Download the File. We recommend saving to a normal directory rather than to a Browser’s temporary files directory to avoid potential anti-virus issues

Which Windows Installer? 64-bit Installer vs 32-bit Installer

Make sure you download the correct version of Hero for your Windows operating system.

Most modern computers have 64-bit architecture but older machines may still be 32-bit.

While the 32-bit version of Hero can be installed on 64-bit machines (though we strongly don’t recommend it as you may encounter memory issues!) the 64-bit installer will not be able to run on a 32-bit machine.

You can check what Windows operating system you are using by accessing the “About you PC” setting screen in Windows and checking the “System Type” detail within the Device specifications section of that page.



Which Mac Installer? Silicon vs. Intel Installer

To find out which chip your Mac runs, please head over Identify your Mac.


Next Steps

Once you have successfully downloaded the Hero installer files, install the application on your machine:

Installing Hero


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