Hero raises a variety of Alerts to notify the user of incorrect or incomplete information. Although sometimes shown in the Visual View, these Alerts are collected & shown to the user in the Alerts View, located on the Main Toolbar. The Alert Icon will be filled

There are several categories of Alerts with different impacts upon the project.

A Simulation Error is raised when an issue prevents Hero from running a Chenath simulation on the project. Until simulation errors are resolved, the project won't be able to run and the Alert View will shown if the Run Simulation button is pressed. Typical simulation errors include a lack of selecting a climate zone for the project, stairwells on floors without zones below etc.

A Certification Error is raised when insufficient or incorrect information has been added that would prevent the project being uploaded to the Hero web portal for NatHERS Certification. Typical Certification Errors include empty or incorrect project type or addresses. The web portal will give the user an error upon uploading save files with existing certification errors.

Other minor errors are also raised but do not need to be to resolved to run a simulation or certify a project. These minor alerts & notifications are typically used to notify users or question user judgement regarding specific conditions or outcomes that will result due to the current project's state.

When alerts are resolved they are removed, as you can see in the example where the Screen Behind a Wall error is resolved & removed when the Screen is moved into an appropriate position.

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