The Settings view is where users can adjust certain preferences used within Hero.

The first setting "Open Previous Project on Start" means when Hero loads up it will automatically load into the last project that was loaded into Hero. If this setting is turned off, upon launching Hero, a new blank project will be shown.

The setting "Autosave Project" enables or disables the autosave feature that provides important backups of the User's Project. While we highly recommend users leave this feature enabled, they can toggle it off if they choose to do so. The interval between autosaves can also be changed as required.

The Background Image Quality setting allows the background images imported into Hero to be increased or decreased in quality...Background Images are very memory intensive, and therefore reducing the quality can  and for very large multi-residential projects with many levels . Note this setting only effects new background images, not existing images which would need to be imported into the project with the new setting for their effects to be felt.

The "Auto-add Penetrations" setting allows users to disable or enable the automatic addition of Downlights, Exhaust Fans to Zones.

The "Auto-add Wing Walls" settings allow users to disable or enable the automatic calculation of wing-walls for walls based on their nearby adjacent walls & screens. If turned off, all wing-walls will have to be manually created & entered by the user.

There are two Wall Builder settings that relate to prompts given to users when they edit a Default Assembly and require the creation of a custom assembly, as well as the confirmation dialog for deleting an assembly.

As discussed in the Simulation section of this tutorial series - the "Multi-Dwelling Simulations # of CPUs" allow users to set the number of parallel simulations to perform for multi-dwelling simulations to speed up modelling time. You cannot set more than number of simulations available in the current system.

The Delete Chenath Simulation Directory after Simulation Complete option allows users to leave the Chenath engine results folder in place after a simulation is complete, rather than the default which is to remove this folder. Note if this option is turned off that the Simulation directory can become very large.

All settings can be reverted to their defaults by using the Reset to Defaults button that accompanies each section.

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