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The Hero v4.1 release also contains a significant update for the Window Library with the introduction of the new WERSLink library.



The Window Library is primarily concerned with the selection of Windows that you would like to use within your Project.

The Window Library is split into two main sections, the Complete Window Library which shows all 14,000+ available windows from the WERS Residential Window Database, and the Selected Windows Table. There are then a variety of filtering features that allow users to filter down the thousands of windows available and select the most appropriate windows for their project.

Selecting Windows

Windows added into the Selected Windows Table from the top Complete Library become available for selection within the Opening Data-Grid tab under the Window Specification column. By default, the Selected Windows are the NatHERS Default Windows library.

You can select windows from the Complete Library and add them to your Selected Window Library list by double clicking or selecting them and hitting the Add Button at the top of the table. You can select multiple windows by holding the ⌨ Shift or ⌨ Control keys while selecting and then when you hit the Add Button all Selected Windows will be added to the Selected Window List below.

Windows can be removed from the Selected Window List by 🖱 Double Left-Clicking them or selecting them and hitting the Keyboard shortcut ⌨ Delete key. You can select multiple items by using the ⌨ Shift & ⌨ Control keys as per usual. You can also clear all windows by using the clear all button.

Visually Organising the Window Library

You can visually organise the window tables in various ways...

The tables themselves have the following columns:

  • Code-name

  • Full-name

  • U-value (the whole of window U-value)

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient value (whole of window SHGC)

  • Manufacturer

  • Window Style (such as Casement, Louvre, Sliding etc)

  • Frame Type (such as Aluminium, Thermally Broken Aluminium, Composite, and Wood/PVC/Fibreglass)

  • Revision (for new WERSLink windows)

There are then a variety of optional columns that are by default hidden such as Frame U-value, Glass U-value, Glass Visible Light Transmittance etc that you can turn on & off using the Column overflow button.

Group By

The Complete Window Library has a variety of Group By toggle buttons similar to the Data-Grid that allow you to group windows by various headings, such as Grouping By Manufacturer, Frame Type, Glass Type or Window Opening Style. Selecting these toggles creates a tree where Window Specifications get added under these various headings. These Group By buttons are configurable in order of when they are added so you could customise the tree by selecting your preferred group by buttons in order.


There a variety of ways to filter the window library so that you can find the right window specification for your project. These filters only get applied if you have the "Filter" button activated on the table. One method of filtering is the U-value & SHGC sliders. These sliders have a maximum & minimum value that can be dragged or entered directly in the text field. Windows within the maximum & minimum will then be shown in the Library. and all others removed You can reset the filter by double-clicking the slider mark.

You can also filter out various types of windows using the Checkboxes below the sliders. These categories include filtering out various frame types, glass types & opening styles. Selecting these categories automatically updates

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