Results View

The Results View located next to the Model View presents detailed information on the Results of Simulations performed for Hero Projects.

The Results View is not able to be shown until a Project has completed a simulation, at which time it will get enabled.

The Results View is presented differently depending on whether the project is a Single Residential or Multi-Residential Project


Single Residential Projects have a Summary Section in the Results View that presents the breakdown of results for that Single Dwelling

In the top left corner of the view is shown the Star Rating of the Project, along with its per square heating & cooling loads, which can be compared against any heating or cooling load limits for compliance purposes, and the total MJ/yr results. The total heating & cooling as well as the Net Conditioned Floor Area and the Area Correction Factor that modifies the results for star-rating calculation purposes is shown to the right of these.

The top-right corner of the view is the Zone by Zone breakdown of the results, show the heating, cooling & totals for each zone in both per square metre rate & total. Unconditioned zones are shown in the table with zero energy results for completeness.

The bottom of the view shows the zone by zone breakdown in pie-chart forms, again both as totals and per-square metre results. Both are of value as the totals provide understanding of the room with the greatest impact on the ratings, whereas the square metre rates show a more apples-vs-apples comparison to identify best & worst performing rooms. Finally to the right of these charts is a heating/cooling pie-chart which shows the split of the the total energy for the project.


For a multi-residential project, the results view is split into Summary & Per Dwelling result views.

The Summary presents the overall project results as well as comparing dwellings, whereas the Dwelling view shows individual dwelling breakdowns similar to what a Single Residential project's results are like.

In the Summary View for Multi-residential projects, you will see the results similar to single dwelling projects, but focused on per dwelling results. The star ratings are shown with the average star-rating & minimum star-rating for the project. The heating, cooling & total energy levels shown are averages across all dwellings.

The Top-Right of the Multi-res Summary view shows the Dwelling results, including their star-ratings, and heating, cooling & total energy levels as well as those results on a square metre basis.


The Pie-Charts presented at the bottom of the view show a Dwelling by Dwelling comparison from both a total energy perspective as well as on a square metre of the dwelling's area perspective. The final pie-chart shows the average heating/cooling split for the project.

The "Dwelling" section of the Results View that is shown for multi-residential projects presents individual dwelling results, with the zone by zone breakdown similar to Single Dwelling projects.

The specific Dwelling whose results are shown can be changed in the Combo-box in the top left of the view, and the results will update automatically to show this dwelling's results.


Results can be copied from Hero into other programs for use in things such as User reports by using the "Copy" button that accompanies each section of the results. This will copy the image to the Windows clipboard, ready to insert in other programs by pasting.

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