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Background Images are the foundation of a Hero Model and enable the User to trace over the Plans of a Building to create their Model within Hero.

Background Images are created on a per Levels basis and must be scaled correctly after they have been imported (see Creation section below).


Background Images are created using the Import & Scale Backgrounds Drawing Mode accessed on the Visual-View’s Left Toolbar


Background Images have a unique selection method compared to typical model objects such as Openings or Walls.

To select a Background Image and enable moving & editing of the Background:

  • 🖱 Double Left-Click to enter a Selected (or editable) State; or

  • 🖱 Right-Click [Context Menu] → Select Background action on the Background

Moving & Editing

Background Images can be moved once they have been selected (see above) using 🖱 Left-Click, Drag on the background

Note you must 🖱 Left-Click Drag on Clear or Empty space of the Background and not on any other Model objects such as Walls, Floors or Ceilings for the move to take effect.

While moving the Background image on the level below will be visible so that you can align Backgrounds as required.

Background Images can be resized either by:

  • entering Scale Background mode again

  • selecting the Background and using the Resize Corner Anchors

Background Images have a variety of further actions you can perform on them including

  • Hide: The Background Image can be hidden from View (and re-shown if hidden) via 🖱 Right-Click [Context-Menu] → Hide Background/Show Background actions

  • Replace: 🖱 Right-Click [Context-Menu] → Load New Background action

  • Rescale: 🖱 Right-Click [Context-Menu] → Rescale action

  • Rotate: 🖱 Right-Click [Context-Menu] → Rotate Right 90deg action

  • Flip: 🖱Right-Click Context-Menu → Flip Horizontally/Vertically actions

  • Reset: Resets to the original size 🖱 Right-Click Context-Menu → Reset Background action


Background Images can be deleted by:

  • Selecting the Background Image and pressing the ⌨ Delete

  • 🖱 Right-Click Context-Menu → Delete Action

Background Images & Performance/Memory

Background Images are the largest user of Computer Memory within Hero and especially for multidwelling, multistorey projects can take up significant resources on a User’s computer.

If you are having performance issues with very large Hero models with many Levels (typically more than 15 Levels), then it may be worthwhile to reduce the Background Image Quality Settings within the Settings View. This requires existing Background Images to be removed & reimported.

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