A Hole is the name Hero gives to Horizontal Openings between two Zones. The most common application for using Holes within a Project is to model a Stairwell or similar opening between two Zones.

The addition of a Hole between the two Zones ensures that the Airflow & Ventilation effects are accounted for in the Simulation.

Holes vs Void Zones - When to Use

Holes are used to connect two different Zones through a ventilation opening (typically via a Stairwell or similar).

A Void Zone Type (see Zones) is used to model the upper portion of a single Zone that projects over two Levels.



Holes are created using the Hole Drawing mode (Skylight & Hole Drawing Mode).

Holes are created on the parent Floor that they penetrate (i.e. not on Ceilings), and must have an Adjacent Zone below them, otherwise an Alert message will be raised and Simulation will not be able to proceed. An Alert will also be raised if a Hole is entered on a Floor with a Zone from a different Dwelling below it, Holes can only be modelled between Zones of the same Dwelling.  


Holes are shown on the Visual View and can be selected as per normal objects. Holes are added to the Floor Data-Grid as a child row under the Parent Floor and can be likewise selected there.

You can also use the Visual View’s Select Parent context-menu action for a Hole (or it’s (blue star) Double Left-Click mouse shortcut). In this case, the action selects the parent Floor of the Hole.


Holes can be Deleted as per normal model objects using the (blue star) Delete keyboard shortcut, or (blue star) Right-Click Context-menu action Delete or via the Data-Grid’s Delete button. Points can be deleted off the Hole polygon shape by (blue star) Right-Clicking the Point and selecting Delete Point.

Moving Holes

Holes can be moved in the Visual View by selecting them and then (blue star) Dragging them into their position.

You can also (blue star) Drag the Points of a Hole to move that Point and extend or shrink the length.

Holes cannot be moved outside the bounds of the Zone

You can move a Hole or a Hole Point in a straight (blue star) or (blue star) direction by holding ⌨ Shift.

Adding Points

Points can be added to a Hole by (blue star) Right-clicking the Hole near it’s edge and selecting the Add PointContext Menu action.


Holes are contained within the Floor Data-Grid section, as a child object of their Parent Floor



Edited Within


The name of the Hole

Floor Data-Grid Name Column


Total Area of Hole in Square Metres

Not Editable within Data-Grid

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