Plug Loads

Plug Loads represent the remainder of electricity consuming devices in a home not covered by other NatHERS WoH Categories. They cover the electricity demand of appliances like fridges, washing-machines, televisions and other such devices.

These devices are obviously very difficult to assess for a new dwelling where they may not be known however they are important to estimate so as to form a better overall energy usage demand, running cost and emissions profile. This not only means that overall predictions are more reasonable but that solar PV and battery profiles better approximate expected final loads.

In NatHERS WoH, Plug Load energy demand is based on the number of occupants of the dwelling, which is derived from floor area.

While Plug Load demand cannot be adjusted in regulatory mode, in Hero you can vary the Plug Load demand in non-regulatory mode to analyse different expected plug loads.



1 - Non Regulated Load

Plug Loads are not covered by the ABCB's scope for energy usage and therefore are considered a Non Regulated Loads, and therefore do not contribute to the NatHERS Whole of Home Rating. They have been added into the WoH scheme to ensure a more accurate overall energy, running cost and emissions demand profile.


2 - Use Regulatory Loads

A Project in NatHERS Non-Regulatory mode can vary the Plug Load demand by toggling the "Use Regulatory Loads" button which will then enable a custom plug load entry.


3 - Plug Load Demand

When the project is in non-regulatory mode and toggled away from using regulatory loads, a user can enter a custom plug load demand in this section.

Depending on the Appliances settings "Results Unit" showing as Daily or Annual you can enter the expected daily or annual plug load.

This setting allows various additional plug loads to be analysed, which may be useful where more accurate information is known (such as expected refrigerator, washing-machine etc demand), and can therefore allow a better overall demand profile and solar PV & battery matching.


4 - Plug Load Results

As per all Appliance categories, the individual results of the Plug Loads are shown in each section along with the percentage impact of Plug Loads to the overall Operational Energy, Running-Cost and Operational Emissions of the Project. You can hide this Category Result in the Settings section of the Appliance View.


5 - Plug Load Comments

As per all Appliance categories, you can add your own comments, description, recommendations or explanations to the Plug Load section to include in your report exports. You can hide this Comments section in the Settings section of the Appliance View.


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