The Cooktop type and Oven type of a home must be entered to complete a NatHERS WoH Rating.

While it is a non regulated load and doesn't contribute to the WoH Rating it can constitute a reasonable proportion of energy and does contribute to the overall energy, running-cost and emissions results.

The cooking energy is calculated based on the type and number of occupants (which is derived from floor area).


1 - Non Regulated Load

Cooking is not covered by the ABCB's scope for energy usage and therefore is considered a Non Regulated Loads and does not contribute to the NatHERS Whole of Home rating. It has been added into the scheme to ensure a more accurate overall energy, running cost and emissions demand profile.


2 - Cooktop Type

There are four cooktop types that can be selected in the NatHERS WoH scheme:

  • Electric - includes common electric element and halogen type cooktops, these typically rely on conducting heat to the cookware to heat them.
  • Induction - induction cooktops rely on inducing an electromagnetic field in the cookware to provide heating. They are generally more efficient and more responsive than typical electric element cooktops.
  • Gas - a gas cooktop supplied by town gas 
  • LPG - a gas cooktop that is supplied by bottled LPG gas


3 - Oven Type

There are three oven types that can be selected in the NatHERS WoH scheme, with electric ovens being the most commonly used in Australia.

  • Electric - A oven powered by electricity
  • Gas - A gas oven that is supplied by town gas
  • LPG - A gas oven that is supplied by bottled LPG gas


4 - Cooking Results

As per all Appliance categories, the individual results of the Cooktops and Ovens are shown in each section along with the percentage impact of Cooking to the overall Operational Energy, Running-Cost and Operational Emissions of the Project. You can hide this Category Result in the Settings section of the Appliance View.


5 - Cooking Comments

As per all Appliance categories, you can add your own comments, description, recommendations or explanations to the Cooking section to include in your report exports. You can hide this Comments section in the Settings section of the Appliance View.

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